Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Saw Jeffrey Foucault tonight at The Woods in Sellwood. He was amazing. About 1/2 the set with a pedal steel player he'd met yesterday. Better than the records.

 Tonight's set:

 Last night I dreamed of television
Goners most
Starlight and static
Pretty girl in a small town
Horse latitudes
Twice I left her
Mesa Arizona
Stripping cane- request
Bluest blade- request
Everybody's famous

Johnny Cash's I still miss someone

Saturday, September 10, 2011

We had to put our sweet Booker down today. He was 13 and terribly ill, and uncomfortable. In his younger years he was a caricature of everything fussy a cat could be, standoffish, ill-tempered... in his later years he softened and was much more agreeable to affection, and a real joy and a calming presence. He was the first soul Toia and I agreed to watch over together. Booker was her constant companion during the day while working night shift with me an over-scheduled intern. He was my constant companion late at night or early in the morning before people were awake.

Seeing this photo reminds me how beautiful and how peaceful he was before becoming ill. There were several times we thought we'd lose him, but he'd rally in some small way... ultimately we made the decision for him. The vet told us what we knew already, that we could never cure him, and that his enjoyment of life would only spiral even further downward.

I know we made the right choice, but the house feels empty now that everyone's asleep again.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Peter mulvey at Alberta Pub

Peter Mulvey at Alberta Pub

If love is not enough
Some people
Kids in the square
Going going gone
Letter from a flying machine
Knuckleball suite
Sad sad sad
But I do: Bobby Charles
Vlad the Astrophysicist
On a wing and a prayer


Our love is here to stay

- Eric